(Sales-) Promotion

“Ducks lay their eggs in silence. Chickens do it and cluck like crazy. The result? The entire world eats chicken eggs!“ - Henry Ford

POS trade communication means advertising at the point of sale. Often the consumer´s decision to buy is made at the POS, which is why we develop sales boosting measures for you that leave a positive and long-lasting impression with your consumer. Trained promoters on location make your product come to life by handling out samples, encouraging tastings and providing expert service. Eye - catching product placement and personal customer approach by our promoters guarantee direct sales! 

Our direct dialogue with the end consumer also affords you the opportunity to record your customer´s preferences and criticisms and implement them in a goal oriented way. From this you can draw important conclusions regarding your continuous advancement. We shine the spotlight on your brand and skillfully put your product into focus for its long-lasting success.

As a Full-Service-Agency we meet all aspects of your live communication needs:

  • Concept consulting
  • Destination- and location research
  • Designing and production of promotional material
  • Outfits, including Branding
  • Process planning including all trades
  • Event technology
  • Selection, presentation and training of promoters
  • Logistics, including build up and dismantling on location
  • Reporting, supervising and documentation
  • Photo- and video documentation
  • Budget monitoring