Incentive Trips

It's not what you experience but how you experience it that matters - Wilhelm Raabe

Contacts and relationships need to be nurtured. Leave a long-lasting impression with your employees and clients.

How better to show appreciation to your business partners, employees, clients, and those who will be said persons in the future than an experience oriented Incentive trip you won't find in any catalogue? Why? Because who travels together is and stays bonded by their mutual experiences.

Especially when you offer the participants a way out of the drudgery of everyday life by exposing them to extraordinary experiences and events.
Utilize the multiple opportunities an incentive trip affords your company to raise the motivation of your employees and strengthen company identification.
A mutual and extraordinary experience is also the perfect framework to foster long-lasting and emotional company relationships to your clients and business partners.

Matching your individual wishes, needs and budget, we'll create a customized trip-concept filled with one if a kind experiences for you, because:

Expectations are there to be exceeded, not just met!

As a Full-Service-Agency we meet all aspects of your incentive trip needs:

  • Concept development
  • Destination and location research
  • Guest and travel management
  • Process planning including all trades
  • Technical equipment
  • Lecturers and show acts
  • Social and entertainment program
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Event staffing, e.g. security - or hostess services
  • Budget monitoring